17 August 2009

Ten Reasons to Live Another Year

1. My children are finally finding me interesting rather than boring, embarrassing or absurd (though I don’t mind the last description as much as the previous two). They sometimes ask me for advice which they usually don’t follow.
2. I’m working on a new essay with which I am fascinated and can’t yet see its direction.
3. We’re paving the driveway and I’ll be able to enjoy rain storms again without worrying about the driveway returning to Nature during the deluge.
4. I’m getting a new 17” Macbook from the University as my laptop.
5. I’m teaching my new book to my undergraduates and I can’t wait to read my book this year and see if I like it as well as when I wrote it. Besides, the royalty check allows me to buy a cup of coffee at the local café.
6. I purchased season tickets for both the Minnesota Orchestra and the Guthrie theater. I want to hear and see both full seasons.
7. After all these years of baking bread, I think I’ve finally achieved some expertise; the breads are beautiful and delicious.
8. I’m learning a new trope for the Festival Megillot. I look forward to reading portions on the pilgrimage festivals this year.
9. I’m hoping to see some of my plummeting assets recover.
10. I love anticipating the sun rising in the East through my cabin’s windows, and look forward to completing my 63rd year.

Extra: Repeatedly listening to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, and especially the heartbreakingly beautiful third movement. But I also adore the percussion in the second movement!!


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