08 March 2010

Spring Hints

As I stare out the window of my lovely cabin, I can see three small yellow birds sit singing on the tree branches, and on the ground a number of robins forage for food and material for the building of nests. The trees are full of birds, and when I walk out the door of my cabin they hustle out of the way. Except the woodpecker who has been seeking out worms in my cabin’s cover. Alas, doesn’t he know that the only worm turns inside?

The warmer weather has melted a great deal of the snow—Walden is, indeed, melting apace—though much remains and inevitably more snow will fall before Spring fully arrives, Here in Wisconsin that occurs usually several days before the arrival of summer!! But the increased activity is Spring cleaning and building time has arrived. I will soon clean out last year’s nests and place them back on the trees and await this year’s residents.

It is a relief to sense the end of winter, and a joy to hear the birds in the still dark early morning. There is great activity out of my window suddenly, and a slow appearance of color to the gloomy greys of the naked trees and white ground.

Sunday this week Daylight Savings Time returns. I lose the hour sleep I found last October. It is all cyclical. What once was dead is alive again.


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