25 February 2011

Peace will Come

There is something troubling about the manner in which the political conflict now taking place in Wisconsin is being described. The governor keeps referring to the state as ‘ground zero.’ But I think that ‘ground zero’ refers to the point on the earth’s surface closest to the detonation. Ground zero refers to the place at which a violent explosion has or will take place. 
The language the governor employs confirms exactly the issue that I take with society today: our consciousness expressed in our language is a violent one. In fact, the language of ‘ground zero’ suggests that what transpires is not a civil dialogue about differences of opinion, nor a suggestion that in civil dialogue some reconciliation of opposing viewpoints may be effected. What language of ‘ground zero’ announces is that the actions now taking place are explosive, meant to destroy and to conquer. I keep thinking of Claudius’ words to Polonius after having heard Hamlet’s conversation with Ophelia: “Love, his affections do not that way tend.” Mr. Walker doesn’t seem to understand the first thing about democracy or a democratic way of life. Democracy, his affections do not that way tend.” Walker’s election was not by acclimation, and there are constituents to whom he must answer who disagree with his politics and even his personality. He is obliged to attend to them—even to us. 
I am saddened to consider the very tragic effects of Mr. Walker’s fascist inclinations will have on the school children of Wisconsin. Right now there are devastating events occurring in the school districts throughout the state. If the Republicans have their way, these explosions will damage the educational systems all over the United States. If the children are our future, we are crippling them; if they are our hope, we are quashing it; if they are out lights, we are extinguishing them. I despair for our children. I mourn for the future. I fear the politics of the Republican majority. It is deaf; it might even be stupid, but alas, it is not dumb.


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