02 May 2011

The White Whale

I read in all of the papers the assertion that Ahab has finally killed the white whale. It is to my mind too ironic that Osama bin Laden has been buried at sea.  
I appreciate the idea that the man has been brought to justice, the very same man who the United States government once funded as our ally against the Russians in Afghanistan but whose campaign against the United States led to the series of terrorist attacks that culminated (but did not end!) with the bombing of the Twin Towers. Having acknowledged his role in the plots against the United States and others, bin Laden had to be held accountable for his actions. 
I do not know if there was ever the thought that he would be brought in alive or if the mission itself was meant to ensure his death. I suspect attempting to transport bin Laden to anywhere in the world and keeping his capture secure might have been an almost impossible task, and his death relieved the United States (and the world) of the extremely difficult task of bringing him to trial. 
But Moby Dick lives still, we know. 


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