11 August 2011

Spun a Different Way

The recall elections fell short of Democratic hopes. They fell far short of my expectations as well. The recall elections of 9 August 2011 in Wisconsin deposed only two Republicans; three or more were necessary to change the balance of power in the state. I thought for certain that the electorate was angrier than that as a result of the blatant abuse of Republican authority and the fascistic tactics they are employing to disenfranchise those who oppose them. I hoped that others shared my concern at the Republican’s naked grasp for power in their legislative agenda. And though the Democrats failed in their attempt to gain a majority in the Assembly, they did manage to remove two Republican senators. 
I think this is no small feat, given the amount of tea the country seems to be drowning in. It may be a desperate attempt at a positive spin, but I need something to offer me some cheer. And besides, The New York Times today agrees with me: the Democrats surpassed previous recall attempts in the past 80 years that the recall option has been in effect in Wisconsin, and the Republicans ought to be concerned.  Onward.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some cheer is on the way, something to gladden the heart.

11 August, 2011 08:21  
Blogger coach said...

I too am glum at the outcome. In the "complicated conversations," I remember reading Pinar's and your fears of MBA thinking taking over education. It seems the work of Walker and his Republican/Tea Party cronies has germinated in my community and state.
I fear it will take root.

14 August, 2011 11:47  

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