16 March 2013

Comment Violence

It is terribly gratifying to discover that someone is reading my blog. I speak out into the void searching out my way, and it comforts me when I receive a response that suggests either than the void is not so or¾and this might be saying the same thing, that there are others out here in the void, too.
Daily now I receive urgent and often complimentary communications from out there/in here regarding a particular blog posting I have written, though just recently someone suggested my spelling errors detracted from her/her reading pleasure. Mea culpa. Interestingly, sometimes the comments themselves contain serious spelling and grammatical errors. For example. today’s comment from Miami adult store is grammatically obscene.
I suspect that these comments come from the interests of too many who aren’t really reading my blog. The question concerns me how is it that they can post comments that are so meaningless and irrelevant to my blog posting? I suspect that these commentators are using their comments to advertise something: Miami adult store; Viagra generique Canada; horst insurance library; naughty adult profiles; and my favorite, transvaginal mesh lawsuit! What is that? I’m afraid to click on it for fear of corrupting my very innocent computer! I’ve received advertisements for genital warts cures, painless root canal work, and reviews of cigarettes: I do not smoke. Usually the comments have nothing to do with the post, or are so vague that they have nothing to do with my ideas.  Sometimes they are so badly written they have nothing to say about anything.
What mechanism allows these apparently mass communications that use my blog to advertise some product that has nothing to do with my posting and of which I have not approved nor given permission? Isn’t this yet another example of the incivility of our modern age? Whoever you are: cease and desist!


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