06 April 2017


In his article “What I Have In Common With Trump” in this week’s New Yorker (April 3, 2017) Ethan Kuperberg in his somewhat lengthy list writes, “I have been scared every day since November 8, 2016.” Election Day. When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States by a minority of the electorate, many of whom I would concur with Hillary Clinton are ‘deplorables.’ Today in the New York Times Nicholas Kristof excuses his urging to the ‘liberal’ population to be kind to Trump. He is wrong for so many reasons: I would never acquiesce to pat a rabid animal on the head to prevent being bitten. And then on page 15 (this is not important enough news for the front page!) an article appears concerning Trump’s accusation-- without any evidence whatsoever that Susan Rice had committed a crime. I may be mistaken, but I believe that the statement is if not illegal but certainly inappropriate. And that this vomit derives from the President makes the accusation even more heinous—it spews from the mouth of a man who apparently has no respect for the law. Or common decency but who has sworn to uphold that law.
     And so I am a bit appalled at Kristof’s offer of some olive branch to a man whose bellicosity and philandering and lie-telling occurs on a daily basis, and whose pathological narcissism leads him to only see the world from his deranged perspective and endangers myself, my children, and the children of the world. I am frightened every moment of every day; I recoil is terror when I read the papers and consider the future, and I am sickened by the repulsive rhetoric emanating from a soiled, besmirched and besmirching White House. If there is evil in the world, it today resides there no less than in Syria or Sudan or Somalia.
     This is an angry post, but it is inspired by great fear.  


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