22 September 2008

2008 Fall

It is never so much the weather as the leaves which seem to mark the transition to Fall. Though the days have been warm, sunny, and summer-like, though everyone comments on the beauty of the day, I think the seasons changed officially today (or yesterday or tomorrow). From where I now sit, the tall poplar tree out front has lost many of its leaves, and out back, the leaves remaining on the trees are yellowing and becoming thin and brittle; their hold on the trees is tenuous. And the nights and morning are filled with chill; I am continuously under and/or overdressed. School has begun in earnest, and there is no escaping that I am committed to the end of the semester.

And so, as regularly as the Summer becomes the Fall, I am succumbing to the grip of my bi-annual cold. My bones ache, I am easily fatigued, and I consume aspirin and Tylenol like M&Ms. I carry boxes of tissues about, and my nose glows like that of W.C. Fields. I look for excuses to have a lie-down. The Alan Block Death Watch officially begins, only to be concluded in March with a complete physical and a clean bill of health from the good Doctor.

I don’t dislike the change of seasons at all; I feel at one with Nature during the transition as my own physical state mirrors that of Nature. I am myself moving into Fall and shoring myself for the long Winter.


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