13 September 2008


I read the following today in The New York Times. It is not the headline. An examination of Gov. Sarah Palin’s record finds that her visceral style and penchant for attacking critics contrasts with her carefully crafted public image. This afternoon, news about Hurricane Ike is the headline, and I am certainly sympathetic to the destruction which this storm caused. But Palin and her ilk possess the potential of far greater, pervasive harm for all of our lives and that of our children who are even yet too young to vote. Oh, I know that Palin is only a vice-presidential candidate, but her place on the ticket bespeaks volumes about John McCain who chose her. Her incompetence and her abuses of power threaten the liberties we still maintain despite the Republican regime’s attempt to eliminate them. We are, as a country, in great danger; even the Republicans are disturbed by the nature of the McCain campaign. Yesterday, on the news, both David Brooke (an avowed conservative) and E.J. Dionne referred to the McCain campaign as ‘egregious.’ I am very much afraid that lies and innuendo and blind prejudice will elect a government whose incompetencies and corrupt values should make them unworthy of governing.

In the interview with Charles Gibson, Sarah Palin had no awareness of the Bush doctrine, a policy which brought us war in Iraq, and threatens war in so many other places. And this is a person who might even be President of the United States. Not on my watch, I hope.

She says she’s ready. For what I haven’t the slightest idea. And neither, I think, does she.


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