27 April 2010

A Joke, of Sorts

I see that last year Sarah Palin earned 12 million dollars. Of course, I use the word ‘earned’ with not a little irony. After all, last year is when she resigned her term as governor of Alaska having finished just half of it. Apparently she is now very busy. Doing what, I wonder?

A politician stands before the crowd asking for their vote. She wears a brand new dress recently purchased from Bloomingdale’s—stylish, black, modest but snug enough to reveal a woman’s body underneath. Her make-up has been impeccably applied, and her hair suitably coiffed. She has clearly spent more time on her appearance than her speech. “Americans,” she cries, with just the slightest hint of irony in her smile, “it is time to take the country back from the politicians now in power. They don’t care about the problems of those of you who have to get up every morning and go to work, who get your pay checks every week (sometimes) and stare amazedly at how much the government takes from you. I promise that if elected I will continue to give you the opportunity to live a life of pleasure and reward. Look at me, I come from a small town and from working class parents. I set a goal for myself when I was just a little child to make the most of my life and try to help people like my mother and father and the friends who shared our life. I received no help from anyone, least of all the government. And now,” she said with pride, “I stand humbly before you asking for your vote. I think I am best able to represent you in Washington. I am, after all, a self-made woman.”

And from the back of the crowd, a voice called out loudly, “Apology accepted.”


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