01 June 2010

Just a thought, perhaps

This is one of those blogs wherein I speak about that which I know not enough. And the grammar of that sentence is some indication of my ignorance, though at least I didn’t end it in a preposition.

Of course, I’ve been following the news from the Middle East and the obvious failure/mistake of the Israeli commandos to accomplish whatever mission upon which they had been sent by someone who has so far remained nameless. But the din from the world community intrigues me. The almost universal condemnation of Israel’s actions stands in stark contrast to the silences of the world regarding say, the collateral damages caused by the United States during its bombing of you name it, or the Administration’s decision to assassinate one of its citizens; the continued occupation and oppression of Tibet by China; the sinking of the South Korean boat by the North Koreans; the egregious destruction of the environment by the gushing oil well owned and operated by BP, or a host of other recent events and wars and invasions that do not differ all that significantly from the recent events in the Middle East. Of course, on the radio this morning I did hear a government official say that the United States, at least, will not talk to Hamas until they acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

It is not a two party state that is the issue, then, is it? Hamas wants Israel and its people gone. Disappeared. I’ve heard this story before, actually. Too much criticism of Israel these days smacks of a not too cleverly disguised anti-Semitism, and I for one, resent it.


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