04 November 2014

Election Day 2014

Another Election Day. And I will vote as I have for the past forty five years. When I began voting the legal age was twenty-one; it has since been lowered to eighteen—if you could die for your country at that age, you should at least have the right to vote for those who would send you to your death! I have great faith in democracy though over the years I have not voted for many who finally attained office, but this year, I maintain little hope in the discernment of the voters. Predictions are that the Republicans will gain control over the Senate and might even pick up further seats to increase their majority in the House. Were they intelligent; were they ethical; were they amenable to negotiation and compromise, I would be not content with their victories but at least not terrified at the prospect of their assumption of power. But the Republican denial of global warming, their attack on voting rights, on abortion rights, on raising the minimum wage, on health care and basic concern for the widow, the orphan and the stranger in our midst, deeply troubles me and portends a world not conducive to the ability of our children¾of my children¾ to continue to thrive or sometimes I think, to even survive. My parents promised me a world that would be better than theirs, and somehow they succeeded. Or I succeeded in a world they gave me—imperfect as that world might have been. But I cannot promise my children a better world: indeed, with the dire warnings concerning global warming I am not certain what world I will be able to deed to them.

We have lived a privileged life, I know. But I am not certain that the quality of that privilege will continue to offer the children security. The Republican majority and the greedy and corrupt money that lies behind it threatens the securities and freedoms I have enjoyed and my children may not experience. I was appalled at the election of Ronald Reagan; angered at the election of George W. Bush, and I am frightened to learn the results of today’s election process.


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