09 December 2016

Is This the Fast I Demanded? Isaiah asks.

Every day it gets worse. Every morning I awaken to a world that will be run by at best amateurs but at worst incompetents. And I read somewhere—I can’t seem to stop the banner announcements flashing regularly across my iPhone concerning his tweets and his visitors and his business ethics and his sexual predations. And his appointments. And it seems she is back: Sarah Palin’s name has been put forward as possible head of the Veterans’ Administration. Another figure little government service—she quit her governorship in Alaska because . . .? Well, that is an unanswered question, really. And it isn’t even inauguration day. I despair. I think of the bleak world of Orwell’s 1984 and I think it is here.
     For HUD a man who has never had the responsibility of running an agency of any size and probably thinks HUD is the name of a movie with Paul Newman. For the head of the EPA a man who denies the work of scientists from a variety of disciplines and is prepared to destroy what is left of the environment. For the Secretary of Labor a man who hates workers, which makes him a perfect selection for Trump because he hates workers too, especially if they are in a labor union. For Secretary of the Treasury a Wall Street crony—so much for draining the swamp. For Secretary of Education a woman who is prepared to destroy public education. And as a candidate for Secretary of State we are presented with a man who in the bed of his mistress gave away classified information—and who pleaded guilty to the deed. But it is Hillary whom they want locked up. The other potential candidate had been Rudolph Giulani who was earning millions of dollars giving speeches to elite organizations and foreign countries while Trump made her speeches the centerpiece of his disgusting campaign. AS Chief of Staff Steve Bannon, a racist, anti-Semite and misogynist, and for Press Secretary Reince Priebus, the head of the RNC that couldn’t stop Donald Trump despite everyone’s awareness of his incompetence. And as President a man who boasts that he grabs women and doesn't pay taxes and has no interest in relinquishing his ties to his own business interests. And understands no conflict of interest in this decision.
     Piece by piece Donald Trump and his heinous crew are dismantling the United States of America. I don't now if it is Leonard Cohen's "You Want It Darker" or his "Waiting for a Miracle" that names this moment. 


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