11 June 2017

Cowards Without Consciences

Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords and has begun a process whereby hundreds of thousand women will be denied insurance coverage of means of birth control. According to James Comey Trump has attempted to subvert significant investigations into allegations of corruption and foreign intervention in our democratic process and then lied about his actions. He is a danger to the Republic for which he stands. All this (and repulsively more) passes with the sanction of the Republican Congressional majority. Indeed, Paul Ryan recently attributed Trump’s ineptitudes to his inexperience. Well then, perhaps he shouldn’t have declared himself ready to be President, nor should the Republican majority continue stupidly to follow along with his arrogant stupidity aware as they must be that they are aligning themselves with forces governed by blind ignorance and egotistical hubris. At the moment, the government (and country) seems to be controlled by a lying, amateurish, greedy Fool and his lapdog-Congress whose missteps and ignorances endanger our well-being and even our very existence.
     There was a time when I employed the adjective ‘craven’ to describe the gang of Republicans, and perhaps there remains not a little truth that attaches to this description. But the more I watch the papers and (with trepidation and regret) look at social media, I want to add to their actions the adjectives ‘vindictive’ and ‘venal.’ The Republicans own the government and damn it, they will without conscience steam ahead doing whatever they pleased, overturning the entire social structure that has been built over the past seventy years—and that came to define the social structure of the United States most often against the wishes of the ultra-conservative evangelical right of the party. Often it seems to me that they awaken gleefully in the morning, rub their hands together and cackle: “What evil can we indulge in today? Whose lives can we make more difficult? Hee, hee, hee!).
     But I wonder how much energy can one spend on such abject stupidity? What more can be said?


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