24 June 2008

Getting Lost

Thoreau said that it is very easy to get lost in this world: you have only to close your eyes and turn around once. What with modern GPS systems, it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to get lost in this world. I was in a taxi cab this morning equipped with one of those sophisticated gadgets, and it plotted not only our exact position minute by minute and inch by inch, but it would, if I cared to also lead me street by street to the nearest ATM machine, Bank or Burger King. If I desired, this machine could direct me in a very polite tone of voice anywhere I desired to go, and might even make inquiry regarding the health of my particular family members.

For years I have advocated the notion of lostness for the schools; I wonder now what it means that it is now so difficult to get lost in the social world. What has been lost?


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