14 December 2009

Closing Time

It is dark yet, though the lights in the house say that there is life in there. She prepares for school, not an unlengthy process these days. Sometimes I wish she’d devote similar energies to school matters as she does to dressing in the morning.

Daylight comes up so slowly, resistantly I think. It is for me not a metaphor but a fact: winter is for staying inside. Nonetheless, I’ve got my running gear on and I’m putting on the iPod and Beethoven’s 4th Symphony, and we’ll try to think through the cold. Or in spite of it, I suppose. I see that the temperature is well above zero.

Astrophysicists (oh, and others, too) teach us that the universe is expanding, but they do not tell us into what it expands. I think that into what it expands is our notion of God or immortality.


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